Dear Decorator… I’m BUSY with Life How Do I Keep Everything Organized  When I’m Working On A Project?


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I’m a busy working Mom.
I’m organized at work BUT my decorating projects are a jumbled mess

I’m pretty sure my head is going to explode.
I’m overwhelmed!

How do you keep everything organized when you’re working on...

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Dear Decorator… How Do I STOP 2nd-Guessing Myself And Avoid Costly Mistakes?


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I want to decorate my living room.
I’m sick and tired of the same old thing… but I’m afraid of making mistakes.

Every time I think I have a plan - I worry and second-guess myself over and over.
Then I’m stuck, AGAIN! 


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Dear Decorator… How The Heck Do I Find The Time To Decorate?


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

How the heck do you find time to decorate?

Whenever I try to get started I get overwhelmed with all the BIG PICTURE decisions I have to make.
I jump from one to-do list to another - get frustrated and give up.

I feel like I’m stuck in...

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Dear Decorator… Home Decorating is Hard! How Can I Stay Motivated When I Feel Overwhelmed Or Stuck?


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

Why does decorating seem so hard?

I’m great at my career… but I can’t seem to stay motivated on my decorating projects.
I get started then I start second-guessing myself so much I never move ahead.

Any ideas?



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Dear Decorator: Home Decorating & Second Guessing Yourself? Be Confident - The 7 Reasons Your Opinion Is 10x More Valuable Than Anyone Else's


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay,

I’m ready to start decorating my home.
After years of waiting, I’ve decided I deserve rooms I love… but I’m NOT a decorator.

At work or home I create a plan and then execute it.  Sadly, with decorating I don't even know...

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Dear Decorator… How Can I Recover From Inspiration Overload and Pinterest Paralysis?


This is the 2nd article in our inspiration overload series.
If you would like to see the 1st one “Dear Decorator… I Think I Have Inspiration Overload or
Pinterest Paralysis. What Should I Do? / Is There a Cure?” >> Click here >>

 Dear Abby, I...

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Dear Decorator… I Think I Have Inspiration Overload or Pinterest Paralysis What Should I Do? /Is There a Cure?  


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I’m drowning in inspiration and NOT getting anything done.

I’ve spent so much time dreaming and drooling at beautiful rooms on Pinterest - I hate everything in
my home.

I have Ideas BUT don't' have a plan.

I don’t know how...

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Dear Decorator… Are Mood Boards Really Worth the Effort?


 Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I’m a busy working Mom with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a BIG need to finally have at least 1 room in my
home I really LOVE.

In today's world, it seems like I have to learn something new every week.

Whether it's “new math”...

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Dear Decorator… How Can I Know My Project Will Work BEFORE I Spend Any Money?  


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I’m a perfectionist, and I hate making mistakes!

Especially ones I’ll have to live with for years.

I’ve tried 2x to turn my living room into a room I love - but I failed.

It's so stressful to walk through your decorating...

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Dear Decorator… How Does A Mood Board Help Me Get Professional Results And Keep My Project On Track?


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I’m in the middle of 2 decorating projects.

Well, I’m not really in the middle; 
I started one… got frustrated - stopped, and started another.

Now when I walk through my entryway and living room, I feel like a failure...

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