Dear Decorator… How Can I Recover From Inspiration Overload and Pinterest Paralysis?

dear decorator Mar 13, 2023


This is the 2nd article in our inspiration overload series.
If you would like to see the 1st one “Dear Decorator… I Think I Have Inspiration Overload or
Pinterest Paralysis. What Should I Do? / Is There a Cure?” >> Click here >>

 Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I think I’m addicted to looking… instead of doing.

Meaning I literally have 100’s of Pinterest Pins, and Google images of rooms I like…
            But I’m not getting anything done.

I don’t know how to start.

I don’t know how to narrow down my options.

I don’t know how to make a plan that fits me and my budget.

Months have gone by… and the more I look, the more I hate what I have now.
            But I’m not moving ahead.

It's all making me sad.
          Dissatisfied with what I have now.
          And MAD at myself I’m not making progress.

What the heck should I do with all this research?


Sad Sally

Dear Sad Sally,

We have 2 words for you: Decorating Curation

“Decorating Curation is the process of selecting and 
organizing a collection of design ideas into an easy to follow categories
so you can make a plan that fits you and your budget.”

If you joined our FREE Learn Your Style Library you learned:

Your primary and secondary styles 
And you learned every room has “6 Core Components.” 

  1. The Architectural Elements 
  2. The Paint Colors
  3. The Furniture
  4. The Flooring / Rugs
  5. Lighting & Ambiance
  6. Textiles & Textures

 If you have not joined our FREE Learn Your Style Library

The #1 thing you could do today would be to find the Pinterest Pin or picture of a room you love and
look at 1 piece at a time.

What do you like?
What do you not like?
What do you love?

If you were doing it on paper you might “X” out the Bad.
And “Circle” the Good.

If you were doing it on Pinterest… you can create new boards using the 6 categories above.
It's called “Add Section.”

So instead of a jumbled mess of ideas, you start to “curate” what you like.

Here’s the idea.

Let's say you have a board called “Living Rooms” with 25 pins in it.

You’re going to organize those pins by category.
You won’t like everything in a picture/pin so choose what you love…

My Living Room Board Ideas 
            Living Room Paint Colors - I like
            Living Room Furniture - I like
            Living Room Flooring / Rugs - I like
            Living Room Lighting & Ambiance - I like
            Living Room Textiles & Textures - I like

Here’s How to Save Pins to Pinterest Board Sections

  • Go to the Board you want to create a section for. 
  • Click “+Section” and name your section. 
  • Then within the larger Board, click the “Organize” button. 
  • Click on all the Pins you want to move to that new section, then select “Move” and choose the section from the drop-down menu that appears.”

You’ll notice that when you find a new Pin to save, 
Pinterest Boards with sections will have an arrow next to them in your Boards List. 

The BEST way to get unstuck and 
beat Inspiration Overload is to get organized.

If you were doing this 20 years ago you would have a file folder called Living Room…
And within that folder, you would have other folders for:

            Living Room Paint Colors - I like
            Living Room Furniture - I like
            Living Room Flooring / Rugs - I like
            Living Room Lighting & Ambiance - I like
            Living Room Textiles & Textures - I like

Digital in Pinterest or old school on paper - it's the same thing.
If you need more insights we suggest these 4 resources:

#1 Learn your primary and secondary styles, the 6 Core Components, and get video training on your
style go here…
it's free.


#2 If you want to have amazing Pinterest Training and have a whole catalog of 25 ready to use
pins for every room in your home, look at
Pinterest Done-4-YouWatch the video.


#3 If you want us to do everything for you… OR you want to get access to our whole Decorators Toolkit go here.


#4 If you want access to us and a way to get all your questions answered 24/7 take a look at our
Private Facebook group the
Haven Design LoungeWatch the video


We believe a beautiful room is like being in love. 
If you’ve never had it you don't know what you’re missing.
But once you “feel it” you don’t want to live without it!

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