Dear Decorator… I Think I Have Inspiration Overload or Pinterest Paralysis What Should I Do? /Is There a Cure?  

dear decorator Mar 13, 2023


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I’m drowning in inspiration and NOT getting anything done.

I’ve spent so much time dreaming and drooling at beautiful rooms on Pinterest - I hate everything in
my home.

I have Ideas BUT don't' have a plan.

I don’t know how to organize anything into a plan to get my project done.

Every time I get started I second-guess myself so much - I just give up.


Is there a cure? 
Can you help me?


Overwhelmed Olivia

Dear Overwhelmed Olivia,

You have all the symptoms of “Inspiration Overload.”

It's not your fault… no one showed you how to get your wish lists organized.

This is the first thing we do for our clients and community members.

Before I give you the solutions, take a minute, and let's see if you are truly infected?

Read the article below.

Wendy & Lyndsay

Could Your Project Be Suffering 
From Inspiration Overload?
[i.e.: Pinterest Paralysis]
… solution follows

The #1 thing that stops smart women from having rooms they LOVE is… overwhelm!

We’re bombarded with possibilities:

  • Pinterest is great. 
  • Design magazines and websites are wonderful.  
  • HGTV is fabulous. 

But when you put them all together,
they turn us into design ping pong balls, bouncing from one idea to another.

All this leads us to what we call “Inspiration Overload.”

It's that feeling of being Stuck.
Overwhelmed with too many options and no way to organize them to move ahead.

The common side effects we hear all the time are:

  • “I guess I just stink at decorating.”
  • “Why should I even try? - I’ll never be as good as those pictures.”

Sound Familiar? You’re not alone…

It all starts out with good intentions:

First, we get the “Creative CRAVINGS.”

  • We’re like a kid in a candy store. We get addicted to possibilities… 

  • Hours pass like minutes and before we know it we have 57 new “unorganized Pinterest pins or online pictures” - We’ll probably never look at again.

That leads to “CONFUSION.” 

  • When we try to build our decorating plan… all that unorganized research leads to inspiration overload.
  • Clouding our clarity and making us second-guess every decision.


  • Instead of moving ahead, we get frozen, frustrated, and confused. 
  • Add those decorating frustrations on top of work, kids, and everyday life…

We simply shut down to save our sanity!
How to Tell if You’ve 
Been Infected?

#1 You have hundreds of pins & pictures of rooms you love… BUT you haven’t changed a thing in
your home for months.

#2 You zone out in pinning frenzies - and realize you’ve lost complete track of time.

#3 When you come up for air - you look around your home and suddenly realize you can’t stand
anything you see.

#4 After all the research, you still don’t know which ones will work for you


If you’ve been infected with information 
overload and project paralysis…

We have 2 solutions for you.

  1. If you want all your research organized so you can move ahead… you’ll need to know the 6 core components to look for in every room.  It's part of our FREE Learn Your Style Training.

Free Guide

  1. If you want all the research done for you, in your style for every room in your home. 
    PLUS a detailed training on how to organize it all on Pinterest… you’ll love our Pinterest-Done-4-You Solution.

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