Dear Decorator… I’m BUSY with Life How Do I Keep Everything Organized  When I’m Working On A Project?

dear decorator Mar 13, 2023


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay

I’m a busy working Mom.
I’m organized at work BUT my decorating projects are a jumbled mess

I’m pretty sure my head is going to explode.
I’m overwhelmed!

How do you keep everything organized when you’re working on a project?

So far I have 10 different lists going, and 40 Post-it notes all over my computer.
And it is NOT working.

And that's not counting the overwhelm I get every time I hop on Pinterest.


Nothing fits together, I start doing one thing and get sucked down a rabbit hole looking at other things.

Can you give me any secrets to organizing things so I get things done - instead of being stressed and frustrated?


Disorganized Debbie

Dear Disorganized Debbie,

Quit beating yourself up!

If you are organized enough to have a career or get the kids off to school in one piece then…
This is going to be easy - once you know our “Core Components System.”

What’s really beneficial is that once you learn this, 
it makes every project you’ll ever do 10x easier.

Wendy & Lyndsay

How To Approach Every Decorating Project
To Eliminate overwhelmed & STRESS
Busy Moms & Working Women
Who Want Rooms They LOVE

When you have a new project - the first thing you’ll need to do is to organize your thinking like a professional designer.

Start seeing your room broken down into its “6 Core Components.”

  1. The Architectural Elements 
    • Look at the doors, windows, beams, and exposed natural elements. 
    • What is distinctive about the space that you love and can capitalize on. 
    • Then focus on any unique elements in the room - like a fireplace or built-in cabinets, ceiling height, and overall feel.
  2. The Paint Colors 
    • Are all the walls the same or is there a contrasting wall color?
    • What about the ceiling, trim, and doors? Do you like it?
    • Does this fit into your style preference?
  3. The Furniture  
    • Is one piece the focal point?
    • How will the furniture be used?
    • Are you Combining old things your love with new things? 
  4. The Flooring/Rugs 
    • What's on the floor?
    • Is it one thing or a combination of items - like area or accent rugs, new tile, or wool floors?
    • Do you like it and does it fit into your style preference?
  5. Lighting and Ambiance  
    • IIs there existing lighting such as wall, recessed, pendants, or a chandelier? Would you like to add some?
    • Is there secondary lighting such as a table or floor lamps?
    • How's the natural light in the room during different times of the day?
  6. Textiles and Textures  
    • What are the prominent fabrics and finishes in the room?
    • What are the natural elements such as brick, wood, or metal?
    • These are the items that pull everything together and really bring out your personality! 

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