Master Bath Reveal

The Big Issues:

  • The bathroom always felt dirty no matter how many times I cleaned it.  It felt dark and dreary.


The Challenges:

  • Even with a double vanity I always seemed to make a huge mess on my husband's side with all my stuff! 
  • We had a lot of sq. footage, but the tub was taking up SO much space and the shower I could hardly shave my legs in. 
  • We never used the tub in the 6 years we have lived in the home because I never wanted to find out what was going to come out of those JETS! 
  • There was an awkward/wasted space in the master bedroom right outside the bathroom
  • When we opened the door to the bathroom it would slam into the linen closet door that was right behind it.  
  • As much as I love a pretty soaking tub and knowing baths can be so relaxing, I didn't think I would actually use it enough.  I had to weigh how much having our own space would change our life EVERY day!   

Awkward Space In The Bedroom

Solution:  Bring it down to the studs

The Plan:

  • Include the “awkward” bedroom space in the bathroom
  • Add a pocket door to eliminate any collisions
  • Instead of adding a tub back in we used the space for a 2nd vanity so we would each have our own space- 
  • We kept the existing plumbing footprint (used the tub plumbing for the shower) to save on plumbing costs! 
  • Added mill work to make it feel custom, classic & timeless
  • Using bright white paint to make it feel clean & crisp Include a furniture piece as a “linen closet” to add interest       

Our Vision using something we like to call "MOOD BOARD MAGIC" 


The BIG Payoff for Us: 

  • Less time spent listening to my husband complain about all my stuff- WIN! 
  • Feeling a sense of calm when getting ready in the morning 
  • No more slamming doors together to get into the bathroom
  • I start my day with a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I created the space all on my own   
  • PS - Want to learn Why Mood Boards are SO important to us >>Click Here>>


It's All In The Details


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