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about us wendy Jun 21, 2023

Dear Fellow Home Decorators,

I thought you should know a few things about me as we begin our journey together.

 Let's get the crazy out of the way first...

  • I want to confess - "I wish time machines were real."  Not because I want to change the past but because I love heirlooms, collectibles & antiques, for their stories, and I want to go back and see all the colorful people who touched them.
  • I’ve always been drawn to the uniqueness of curiosities from the past. Sharing your Memories makes the best decorating and design elements in a room.                                                                
  • "If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new, you are missing the point make it your own, by using the old, the new, the hand-me-down, the collected, the worn but loved things in your home." This will tell YOUR story - I will show you how.


My first experience with Story Decorating 

In a small cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire there was the perfect place to live. My Nana & Grampie Scott’s home. (My Dad's parents)  

  • It was perfectly imperfect: An eclectic mix and match of antiques, family art, heirlooms, and curiosities everywhere you looked. "A collection of a rich life - well lived."
  • You could sit in any room, look at any wall and feel a story forming from what you were seeing. It made my mouth drop every time I visited.
  • You would make new discoveries everywhere you looked. She had created intimate little scenes that drew you into little adventures about our family and the things she loved.
  • There were collectables from all their travels, hand painted tables, stained glass trinkets, cuckoo clocks and the smell of cedar and pine. It was an experience!                                                                    

Check out my story decorating wall using old family wedding photos, and some of my favorite collectables from my past. 

This one wall makes me feel lucky, and loved. I see my parents,  grandparents, great-grandparents, husband and children happy. The combination of old, new,  heirlooms, family memories and gifts on this wall create a sense of security and joy for me. This wall represents my past, present and future.


Wall Budget: $150.00

Actual Budget $139.00

Came in Under Budget by: $11.00  Score!

  • Picture frames $85.00
  • Staples to print photos $12.00 - got some for free! 
  • Cutting board/antler head 42.00
  • Vintage finds - frame (hand-me-down) - horseshoe free at yard sale  


  • Create my story! Using vintage wedding photos and other family heirlooms 


  • Ask family members for their wedding or prom photos - they were thrilled to oblige 
  • keep the wall black and white, mixed with wood, gold and neutral tones 
  • Incorporated old and new to tell my story in an affordable and pleasing way

Wanna see how my hubby (Dan) helped me plan and lay out my “love wall” to tell
OUR story? Check out the link below to our Instagram Reel. 

Would you like  help  creating your story in your own home?  I would love to hear from you!

Send me a message:  [email protected]  Feel free to add your cell number and we can chat through the best way to bring you story to life.   I offer one-on-one services and have resources that can help you showcase your memories. 

I look forward to working with you.   Wendy  :-) 


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