We Share Our Top Tips For Making A Room Feel Larger!

paint tips Apr 05, 2023

 A Design Goal We All Try To Achieve Is Making Any Room Look Larger....

Author: Stacy Lyndsay Camille Styles shares an article: "Design Experts Share Their Top Tip for Making Any Room Look Bigger." Read excerpts from the article below. 

See OUR top tips on using paint and sheen to make a room feel vast and expansive. 

#1: Paint The Entire Room

Most painting tricks to make your room look bigger involve choosing the right paint color but there are other tricks as well that you can use to make a room feel larger, says designer Lyndsay Scott. The first is painting the room all the same color including the woodwork, ceiling, and door. This trick works best when you oscillate the finish of the paint to add dimension.

“For example, on the walls, we love using Chantilly Lace in an eggshell finish, and also Chantilly Lace on the woodwork and doors but with a satin or semi-gloss finish,” Scotts says. As for the ceiling, Scott and her co-founder and co-designer Wendy Robinson say to continue the use of the same paint color, but lighten it by about 20 percent. “This way, you are less aware of where the walls end and the ceiling begins.” 

#2: Clean White

It’s an obvious pick for a reason. Light colors make a room look bigger because they reflect the light, says Wendy Robinson, who offers a little science as to why. “There is a measurement called light Reflectance Value that defines the percentage of light reflected off a painted surface on a scale of one to 100,” the co-founder and co-principal designer behind How We Haven tells me.

An LRV of 100 would be pure white, she continues. “This is way too stark for a room”—but you get the gist. White reflects light and broadens a space’s capacity. Robinson and her co-founder and co-principal designer Lyndsay Scott choose whites that are a bit lower on the LRV scale, say around 80 to 90, so they have a bit more warmth.

Paint Picks: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and Benjamin Moore White Dove  

Best for: Any room!

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