Meet Beverly- A Superhero

"Why I Feel Like a SuperHero In
My Own Home, for the First Time"
We want to share a story with you about Beverly...
And, how having a room designed and decorated exactly the way she wanted changed her life.
"I feel like a superhero every time I come into this room."  
"Why? Because I made it perfect for me!

And with a little help - I did it all on my own."
 I'd lived my life taking care of my family, and my partner Walt.

After he passed I knew I needed a change.
But I'd never thought of my self as a decorator.
 And I'd NEVER really had a room decorated exactly the way I wanted.
 I wanted something special, but I didn't have much money,
and I certainly didn't have any decorating experience.
 I'd spent my life living in "apartment white rooms" with a few pictures on the wall, and a few family mementos.
Living my dream of the perfect space through things I saw on Pinterest, and old magazines.

I debated with myself a 1000 times why I needed a space I really loved in my home - now?
 I wondered if I could afford to make something special?
 I wondered what my family and neighbors would think?
 I wondered if it was worth it?
Because I'd lived so many years without it.
 Then I did it!
I found the help I needed and magic happened!

I finally have a space I LOVE! And my family LOVES it too, because it makes me happy.
There's something amazingly POWERFUL about accomplishing something that makes you feel wonderful every day
 I highly recommend it. 
Become you own superhero and feel life again in your soul & home!  Here are some solutions for you.




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