Dear Decorator: Home Decorating & Second Guessing Yourself? Be Confident - The 7 Reasons Your Opinion Is 10x More Valuable Than Anyone Else's

dear decorator Mar 13, 2023


Dear Abby, I mean Wendy & Lyndsay,

I’m ready to start decorating my home.
After years of waiting, I’ve decided I deserve rooms I love… but I’m NOT a decorator.

At work or home I create a plan and then execute it.  Sadly, with decorating I don't even know where to start.
I want that same kind of step-by-step organization for my decorating projects.

Because I’m on a budget and don't want a case of buyer's remorse!
And - I can’t afford to make mistakes.

Everyone I talk to has a different opinion. I have already asked my bestie, mom, AND sister. They ALL
have different ideas and decorating styles. 


I’m confused and frustrated - about who I should listen to?
I want to get started ASAP - but I’m afraid of going in the wrong direction and regretting my decisions. 

Can you offer me any advice?


Confused Carla

Dear Confused Carla,

Heck yeah - we have some practical advice for you. 

First, you should be proud of yourself - you are trying to get the “Right Answers
before you head down the wrong path. Virtual High Five! 

Home Decorating & Second Guessing Yourself?
Be Confident - The 7 Reasons Your Opinion 
Is 10x More Valuable Than Anyone Else

No one knows what you like more than you do. 

  • Your opinion is the ONLY one that matters.
  • You are the one who has to live with the decisions… it's your home and sanctuary.
  • You’re unique. You deserve exactly what you want. Not someone else's vision. 
    • FYI: We realize you may not know exactly what you’re looking for today - but that’s an easy fix. We’ll give you some free resources in a minute - to make that happen.

You’re going to get “Conflicting Opinions” and “DRAMA.”

  • Too many opinions lead to overwhelm.

  • It's a distraction - from what you need to be doing.

  • It undermines your confidence… and leads to 2nd guessing yourself. 

  • It puts pressure and stress on you - no one needs more of that.

  • Allison says to do this… Corine says to do that. Who wants the DRAMA!

Friends and family Do NOT know your design style or your private lifestyle. 

  • Everyone has a favorite style and knows what they FEEL comfortable in.

  • Your family and friends have THEIR favorites BUT there's a 99.9% chance it is not going to be right for you! 

They are NOT decorators, and will not be aware of the newest trends and materials.

  • Let’s make this easy. If someone offers you advice - think about what you’ve seen in their home. 
  • Do they have a home you want to duplicate? Probably not. 🙂
  • Remember you’ve been waiting a long time for this - make it your own.

They won’t know your budget.

  • Everything you do will be based on what you can afford.
  • That’s intimate and very private information.
  • There’s no reason to waste time on anything that doesn’t fit into your plan.

These 4 things will help you learn what you love and give you the
you’re making good decisions.

Step 1 Learn your style, get pictures and keywords to help you explore YOUR style
You will love our NO cost resource -  it's all ready for you here!
FREE Guide

Step 2 Learn how to use Pinterest so you can get ideas and discover what you really love.

Step 3 Learn how to use a Mood board to see all your choices BEFORE you spend a dime. 

Step 4 Become a member of our Decorator Private Membership Group so you get access to professional designers and unlimited “What do you think about these decisions?” 


Hire us to work with you one-on-one we do this via zoom or in your home.  Check out our in home consultation bundle and project planning bundle.


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