Welcome to The Haven Design Lounge! 

An Exclusive Community for Women Who Share A Common Passion for Decorating and Design.

 We are inviting YOU to Jump Right in and join US (Wendy & Lyndsay - YOUR DESIGNER BFF'S) in this unique experience

We are thrilled you have committed to making your home a place that you deserve. We are SO PROUD OF YOU!  We are now offering you the opportunity to enter a unique space where you can get support, and inspirations from us and other like minded fellow interior design lovers. 

But, before we get to that, let us ask you this:

  • Would you love a space to post pictures and get real time feedback during design dilemmas?
  • Do you get excited about meeting new women who share your love for design?
  • Would you love to have two designers giving you advice and following along as you grow and make massive progress.

We felt the same way during our decorating journey and we had a hunch that we were not alone.  We had each other to bounce ideas off of when we were second guessing ourselves or needed help making decisions. We want YOU to have the same opportunity. 

That is how The Haven Lounge, an interactive support experience was born!!

Join the Lounge



 We have created a forum for you to openly communicate and share YOUR ideas!  

  • Would you love a space to post pictures and get real time feedback during design dilemmas?
  • Do you get excited about meeting new women who share your love for design?
  • Would you love to have two designers giving you advice and following along as you grow and make massive progress.

Everyone needs another person or community to run ideas by…


Did you know...

Research suggests that 59.3% of students in America performed better when they studied through collaborative learning.

So we understand your desire to have a trusted support system. Truthfully, we get it! 

Just think about It!!

What if you could get through the design process feeling motivated and energetic?

What if you had a place that allowed you to STOP feeling overwhelmed because you couldn’t trust your own design instincts?

And wouldn’t you be RELIEVED if you found like-minded supportive women who wanted to help you through your journey.

We know you’re processing all this right now...

And you’re starting to get excited because you may be thinking we have something in store for you...

Well, You guessed right!

Our Community Support System called “THE LOUNGE” may be just what you need!

I'm in! Let's do this TOGETHER!

Sometimes you need the right

company to keep going.


Getting stuck is real...

And it happens to creative people just like you...

You can see the struggles others are going through and understand you’re not alone.

Having ‘cheerleaders’ to motivate you gives you new energy to achieve your goals.

The Haven Design Lounge offers you more than just like-minded women.


It’s a place to interact with Lyndsay and Wendy as you build your confidence and are mentored by the Haven Team.

You will also have access to:

  • Private FB Group 
  • Exclusive member discounts on our services and products. Because you’ve enrolled in our membership program, you’ll always get attractive discounts on new services and products we offer!
  • Access to all Monthly Workshops -Attend LIVE or watch the replay.

“Thank God for How We Haven. I have lived in my home for 12 years and have yet to re-decorate my office that very badly needs it. I have a hard time visualizing a new space and layout and am so scared of making design mistakes. How We Haven came into my life and simplified the whole process and I was finally able to confidently move forward with decisions for the re-design. They really know how to help hone in the focus on your personal style, budget, and needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to work WITH someone rather than feeling pressured into someone else’s design style.  I’m confident this room will reflect my personality and style but it’s something I could not envision until How We Haven helped!"

Shannon H

This membership is right for you if:

  • You want to be part of a community with members who are already creating designs confidently, and you’re ready to do the same.

  • You would like to get feedback on your design ideas and dilemmas. Nothing beats having someone who can guide you and offer suggestions on how to improve.

  • Need help finalizing choices on a project

  • You want guidance from professional interior designers

  • You desire a support group that encourages you when things aren’t going your way. It’s natural to feel down when you can’t create something you want. In this support group, you’ll realize that you are not alone in this.

I feel so lucky to have this opportunity!


Sign me up!

Special offer for The North Shore Moms

$222 for the year

6 months FREE Reg. $444

Private Group
  • Members only private Facebook community where you can post your design questions and get real time feedback by Wendy, Lyndsay & community members 
  • Collaborate with ambitious, knowledgeable and like-minded women who also share a love for design. 
  • 1x/month 1 HOUR LIVE Q&A where we answer your specific questions about your projects.
  • LIVE Access to all monthly workshops. $47 value per workshop. 
  • Exclusive member discounts on our services and products
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We created this with you

in mind and here's why...


We want every woman to feel deserving of a home that is functional, cohesive, and represents who she is.  We want to make YOU FEEL PROUD when guests enter!

Being busy moms ourselves and having life's unpredictable circumstances we have loved finding solace and peace within our homes.  Whether you're a mom with young children, an overtired employee, a woman who is financially strapped, a newlywed or a gal who needs to build her design confidence We KNOW how to make life easier for you!

It doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

Our membership program WILL help you take action, feel more confident in your design choices and give you the support you need to feel less overwhelmed.

And let’s not forget…

You will be creating a home for you and your family 

There are many setbacks and obstacles that might make you feel like quitting but, Just think in our membership a helping hand, positive words and support is never far away.

We care about your progress…

That’s why we’re here for you!

YES, I want to start reaping the benefits!

See you on the inside! 

Wendy & Lyndsay

Your Designer BFF's ;)