The Haven Design Academy Bootcamp

We have created this Academy to help YOU create a home that reflects how you and your family live. A COZY and FUNCTIONAL space where you feel PROUD to entertain. How We Haven STRONGLY BELIEVES the art of Interior Design can be learned.  WE know because we were in your shoes!  

So...We Get You! 

OUR GOAL in The Haven Design Academy is to teach YOU our 5-step process so you can decorate a room effortlessly, without being overwhelmed or frustrated. In comparison to The Haven Design Academy we will be here to support YOU for the six week session.  


 We want to know....

Are you feeling confused about your design style and how to reflect the "REAL YOU" within your home? Are you struggling  to achieve the perfect layout? Do you second guess yourself even picking simple paint colors? 

 Let's be HONEST this list could go on and on. 


Wouldn't it FEEL nice to just TRUST YOURSELF? 

 Truthfully for us, we found it extremely frustrating because we wanted our homes to look like the photographs we saw on social media.  

We learned quickly....

The responsibility of "making a home" fell on US not our significant other! We were confused, hopeless and struggling to find time to make "the change"

WOW! You already GET ME! I'm in ..

Does this sound like YOU?

  • Hiring an interior designer is too expensive.
  • Your home is out of style and disorganized.
  •  You have a plethora of design ideas but can't figure out what to do or where to start. 

We understand that many women are unclear on what to search, and how to resource products they need. The endless scrolling, design style paralysis, and lack of time all hinder your progress. But, That can ALL change! 

We have stood in your shoes which is WHY we created The Haven Design Academy!

It fills us with PRIDE to share our KNOWLEDGE and RESOURCES with you. We are EXCITED to help turn your interior space into a MEANINGFUL place of HAPPINESS!

P.S. You Deserve IT!!! 

Here's the most affordable thing we've ever done...

We  managed to turn our outdated, non-cohesive rooms into enticing, elevated spaces.


Are you... 

A DIY gal with lots of interesting ideas, a woman who loves design, or someone who knows she needs to make a change but does not want to hire an interior designer. 

All you need is a HELPING HAND

That's where we step in!

We have created THE HAVEN DESIGN ACADEMY to assist you in making positive changes in your home at a fraction of the cost to hiring an interior designer. 

But...before we dive deeper here's a little more about us

We started this Academy with one mission: educating and empowering busy deserving women.

We are Wendy and Lyndsay, a sisters-in-law duo with a passion for interior design and the founders of How We Haven, The Haven Design Academy and The Haven Society.

We are busy moms who live in New England with our families and dogs. Living in the northeast has allowed us to work on a diverse portfolio of homes and commercial projects.

When we are not decorating and designing we love spending time with our families and friends. We love afternoons at the beach during the summer months and traveling! We also love staying local heading to Boston for a great meal and a night of FUN!

We found pleasure working one-on-one with our clients BUT....we FELT a STRONG DESIRE for a change! 


We had a mind was simple

Here's WHY..


It has been OUR GOAL to HELP MORE deserving women make positive changes to their homes! 


As women, moms, caretakers WE ALL feel busy. We have limited time, resources, and energy for interior design.  We recognize that! 

What affects your mood?

 In a recent Houzz survey, 87 percent of the more than 6,000 respondents said that their home design impacts their overall happiness. So if you’ve remodeled or redecorated your home in the past two years, you might be among the 74 percent who say they are now happier at home as a result. Of those who describe their home as being “in need of work,” only 51 percent reported feeling happy

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You Don't Need...

  • A college degree
  • A lot of money
  • An interior design background

You Will Need... 

  • A willingness to learn
  • A desire to make improvements
  • Spare time in the comfort of your own home


The Haven Design Academy Bootcamp

Learn our 5-step process that WE personally taught ourselves. You will gain confidence, clarity and have an action plan for designing a room all from the COMFORT of YOUR own HOME!

What's Included?

  • A digital course that you can access from anywhere, anytime.  
  • Self-paced educational materials with 20+ video recordings of Wendy and Lyndsay in their homes.
  • Tips and Tricks including shopping with purpose, how to create a budget, mastering Pinterest, and implementing your design style.
  • All things pillows! Such as sizing, mixing patterns, placement, and where to shop.
  • Paint tips, including all our favorite colors. 
  • Styling 
  • Drape tips and tricks
  • Design style guides
  • How to make a mood board
  • Checklists and bonuses
  • We are thrilled to offer LIFETIME access with this one-time purchase.
  • Exclusive online community

Our Design Academy will save you TIME and MONEY by giving you all the resources you need right at your fingertips. Just think less pondering, scrolling, and feeling hopeless.

We Got you...And we are excited to be helping!

I love what I'm hearing BUT, is this Academy for me?’s for ME if….

  • You're a DIY gal at heart and need that little nudge and structure. 
  • You pin, scroll, and get overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and resources out there and you would like help navigating it all. 
  • You have a desire to update your home, making it more stylish, organized, and functional.
  • You love working on projects without depending on someone else. 
  • You believe that you don't have to spend a lot on hiring an interior designer to style your home.
Can't wait! Count me in!

Here's the "Mushy Stuff" and "OUR WHY"

We want every woman to feel deserving of a home that is functional, cohesive, and represents who she is. 

We want to make YOU FEEL PROUD when guests enter!

Are you a mom with young children, a recent college grad, a soon to be empty nester, or a retiree who NEEDS to MAKE A CHANGE within her home...

It does not have to be a struggle.

We KNOW our Academy will promote massive progress in an amazingly simple to understand way. 

  And let’s not forget…

You and your Family deserve a beautiful home 


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We Have Been In Your Shoes

We were frustrated just like you, tired of our boring, mediocre homes. Our need for function and organization along with our drive for improvement helped us make massive changes in our own homes.

What's Included...

Online Course Portal


Modules delivered weekly. You can watch and re-watch at your leisure on your own time. Each module is then broken down into small lessons making it easy to execute along the way.   

Exclusive Online Community


Get real time feedback from The Haven Team and your classmates. This group is there to remind you that you are never alone. Not sure what rug to buy?  What tile to pick? Post a picture and ask the group for some advice! 



Access to two designers (Wendy and Lyndsay) for the duration of the course.

Q & A Sessions 


Weekly 60 minute Q&A Zoom calls with The Haven Team and fellow classmates. 



25+ video lessons depicting real life examples of each step in our process.   

These include PDFs, checklists, and bonuses.


Remember: You will have lifetime access to all video lessons and resources.



SAVE $94

  • 6 week digital self paced course
  • Lifetime access
  • Exclusive private Facebook Community
  • (6) 60 min Zoom calls 
  • Checklists, Guides 
  • Over 20 videos 


$197/3 Months

  • 6 week digital self paced course
  • Lifetime access
  • Exclusive private Facebook Community
  • (6) 60 min Zoom calls 
  • Checklists, Guides 
  • Over 20 videos 


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