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The only thing standing between you and a perfectly decorated room, is understanding the simple process we have designed & implemented with our clients and in our own homes. It’s not so much that we “came up with” these strategies; it's more that we observed what works for individuals and want to share it with you!  Our goal is to guide you through decorating a room effortlessly, without being overwhelmed or frustrated.

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We've been where you are...


Do you find yourself thinking “it’s too late, I have terrible style and I’m not creative, I don’t have enough money, and my knowledge of ‘this stuff’ is minimal”? Are you constantly spinning your wheels and being pulled in many different directions with work and family?

WE GET IT! Decorating and creating a haven has been put on the backburner and you may feel that your home is outdated, disorganized, unstylish, uncomfortable, and does not represent you

These uncertainties are why we created The Haven Design Academy; a proven, guided, and stress-free digital course that can forever change the decisions you make when decorating your home. We will provide you with our process and support to give you the skills and confidence you need to create a room you truly deserve. 

Course starts March 1st!

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...and we have been exactly where you are. We are sisters-in-law and have worked together on residential and commercial projects for many years. To help make designing less overwhelming, we created a simple five step process to guide you through how to decorate a room in your home. We are happy to bring that exact process we use, right into the comfort of your own home.  

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This is perfect for you if...


You scroll through Pinterest and see beautifully styled homes and think they are out of your reach.

You’re constantly second guessing yourself and can’t pull the trigger to purchase.

You want a designer look but, but know you’re a DIY gal at heart and just need a little push.

We are confident you will love coming home after a long day and sitting in a calm room that represents you. Imagine cozy pillows, a reading nook, or an organized play area for your children. You will feel proud to learn a new skill, joy while living in your home, and excited to have that family gathering or party you have always dreamt of.

We will teach you...


How to determine your specific design style. You will then learn the importance of knowing your room's function, layout, and how and why you need to style a room. We will share our best practices in measuring for everything your room will need. You will learn the art of decluttering as you recycle and upcycle. You may even make a few bucks! You will undoubtedly be able to accurately determine what your room needs and how to make an appropriate shopping list. We will even assist you on how to set, and stick, to a realistic budget. Through it all, we will share how we use Pinterest and why we love it!


All of our favorite resources will be at your fingertips.

“Thank God for How We Haven. I have lived in my home for 12 years and have yet to re-decorate my office that very badly needs it. I have a hard time visualizing a new space and layout and am so scared of making design mistakes. How We Haven came into my life and simplified the whole process and I was finally able to confidently move forward with decisions for the re-design. They really know how to help hone in the focus on your personal style, budget, and needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to work WITH someone rather than feeling pressured into someone else’s design style.  I’m confident this room will reflect my personality and style but it’s something I could not envision until How We Haven helped!"

Shannon H

Imagine if... had a vision, or an organized plan of attack to make your home feel like a haven. Picture your home comfortable, inviting, and designed in your style and within your budget. Once you complete our process, you will have gained a new skill and created everlasting confidence to go through this process repeatedly in your home. Don’t forget you will always have access to all our PDF’s, videos, cheat sheets, lists and bonuses. We have done all the thinking and gathering of information for you! Everything you need will be at your fingertips, saving you precious time! 

The Doors Are Open!

How We Haven Academy has been months in the making and now finally open for enrollments.

Course starts March 1st!

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What's Included...

Online Course Portal


You'll get access to a six week online digital course. Delivered weekly, this is not a live course and can be accessed at any time.

Private Facebook Community


Get real time feedback from The Haven Team and your classmates. This group is there to remind you that you are never alone. Not sure what rug to buy? Post a pic and ask the group for some advice! 

Office Hours


Have your specific questions answered by our team twice a week by email.



Access to two designers (Wendy and Lyndsay) for the duration of the course.

Q & A Sessions 


Weekly Q&A Zoom calls with The Haven Team and classmates. 



25+ video lessons depicting real life examples of each step in our process.   

These include PDFs, checklists, and bonuses.


Remember: You will have lifetime access to all video lessons and resources.

Are you ready to become an empowered home stylist?


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“How We Haven stepped in when I had no idea what my style was or where to begin when decorating my dining room and living room. I took their style quiz, and I was off and running.  I could not be happier with the choices we made together as a team. I loved the support I received from How We Haven!  I corresponded with Wendy and Lyndsay and would share my pictures via email. They were extremely responsive and intuitive and gave me guidance on the proper items to purchase. They knew my style and aesthetic based on our shared Pinterest board. Working with Wendy and Lyndsay allowed me to have some control over the decorating process. The best part is I have grown to understand their 5-step system which will assist me in decorating the other rooms in my home."

Andover, MA - Client